How to improve the user experience in your store?

See what is user experience and which aspects you can work to get better in order to increase your conversions and offer your clients exceptional treatment that loyalty to your products or services, and especially to your brand.
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How to improve the user experience in your store?

The user experience in a shop online can be understood broadly as the treatment that receives a customer entering into a physical store, encompassing process since it is and sees the showcase until you leave the store with or without the product or service.

An online shop this process must be performed by the user, without a dependent or commercial that will guide you and explaining, it is essential to pay special attention to absolutely the entire process, so that the user knows at all times how to act, without having to think.

This process that we refer to has different phases and aspects that need to be analysed in order to improve the user experience to the maximum.

But, what those elements and aspects what must look in our online shop? And how we can check its correct efficiency?


It controls the presence of your brand in search results

Firstly, we must be aware of if our mark appears on the search engines and as shown. To do this we must search the brand name and examine what results we get.

The ideal is that the online shop of the trade mark appears in the first position of the results and that later appear in the following results access to social networks, news, reviews, opinions… As you can see in the search carried out on our own brand.

Resultados búsqueda orgánica de nuestra marca

These results should be analysed and check if they really are at the top and if the results are positive or not, and accordingly we will have to act in a way or another.

All that the user needs to know when it comes into your store

The user should know as soon as you enter an online shop What offers and how offered, also you must navigate through the categories to find the information necessary to make the order completely. For example, any store should show the user basic information such as what product offers, what price have, must you buy it and what are the added values o conditions purchase.

An online shop, the transparency It is a fundamental value for the user and for this reason we must offer all the information that may be of interest in a clear and direct.


Shows consistency in the design and content of your web site

With the consistency we refer to what all the graphic and textual elements must keep a close relationship, so it is interesting for example, to check that the various elements and buttons of calls to action presenting the same style (shape and color) and which are located generally in the same place. That is, if the purchase button often stand to the right on the page of product, with a specific size, colour... This style should be maintained in the rest of pages such as list of products, check out...

Also it is necessary to provide that coherence across the textual information that brings the customer while maintaining the same treatment.

Tratamiento textual al usuario siempre debe ser coherente

If we went to the user you, it must always be so, conversely if we either we must always speak of "you you". With all this in mind, information, messages, automatic emails should be checked...

And speaking of textual information, of course, include a fundamental point, the spelling. Our online store is our showcase and therefore we should reflect professionalism showing a language appropriate and well-written.

Formulario de contacto accesible para el usuario en todo momentoIt provides useful and effective forms of contact

It is essential for the user experience that our online shop has with visible contact information so when the user needs it can access at any time to a contact form, an email, a phone number or similar.


And if we put contact details, is to answer calls or messages. It is no good that we return the user data if then there is no one to serve your requests. On the Internet if a user requests information want it in a way quick and direct Since those are the principles that characterize this means of communication.

These points mentioned are just some of the aspects that will help us to improve our online store user experience and will have to take into account. However, in next post will deal with other aspects and deepen in some countries in order to increasingly improve the usability of our website.

Don't wait and already begins to analyze and improve all featured in this post.

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