How to prepare online trading for these dates!

Christmas is around the corner and you can not pass this opportunity not only to increase your sales, if not also for loyalty to your customers and make them feel satisfied with your work even in the days complicated. Therefore, today we give you some tips to prepare your online trading for these dates.
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How to prepare online trading for these dates!


Approaching Christmas, some very important dates for trade and in which e-commerces are becoming increasingly stronger.

In this post we will address several points to keep in mind so you can reach your goals.

To prepare your store it is very important that some configuration changes:

-It prioritizes shipments. It tries to make the management of this process as quickly as possible since, by workload, it takes always a little more. Your collaboration is therefore very important, offering facilities to customers and several shipping options.

-Added the option of send the product as a gift, i.e., wrapped and without the price on the same Bill so that the client can send it directly to the recipient's address if desired, or simply, so that I don't have to worry about anything.

-Helps customers that it can share products that you are interested by social networking and other methods of contact.

Ángel de navidad

-Active chat. If you do not have this method of contact, you should know that it is a very effective system because it offers a very rapid response and generates confidence.

Your customers may ask you everything you need to know and you can offer you the best possible information.

-Put on sale only the products that are available in his tent, i.e. disable all products that do not have stock.

Very important is also the design your shop, in this section we will deal with this issue:

-Change the layout by putting a Christmas atmosphere, colors bright, red, green, silver...

-Pon banners offering new products, items that are sold well, it offers a special gift catalog.

-Makes it easy for your customers buy a product for a particular person. If you need specific something for his girlfriend, brother or mother, put an image that call attention to the access they can see that there are for each type of person.

So it will be much more simple, fast and fun to find the perfect gift.

-Write attractive descriptionsmodify the descriptions so that they are appropriate to these dates, you can also offer your customers opinions telling them how to supplement products that are going to buy and that can thus be more articles.

-Promote products in a striking way, put discounts, offers, discounts, fast... With this type of promotions you can increase sales. For example, you can offer a discounts customers who purchase a product at a specific time.

-It combines products. These dates are perfect to take advantage and promote products and combining them you will have more sales. If a client is looking for a t-shirt, give you the option of also buying trousers and a belt. the get a greater discount and you will improve your numbers.

Muñevo de nieve, navidad

-Da advertising your products on different sites such as social networking, email, sending newsletter, through striking deals in the online store...

-Search solution for the abandoned carts. Many people leave the full cart, but when they realize that carry many products leave it and almost always tends to be for the cost of all products. Picks up the client and tries to get in touch with him to be able to provide purchase options.

FINAL Note: Important! Christmas congratulates those who have made an order in your store.

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