It introduces your product successfully in 7 steps

With the end of the sales and the arrival of the new season approaching now take new products on sale. But how to be sure that an article is ready to bring it to market? What steps should take into account to achieve to become a top sales? In today's post we give you some tips so that you can achieve all your new catalog products to be a success and get the best results. Do not miss it.
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It introduces your product successfully in 7 steps

The sales are about to come to an end and spring is around the corner. For this reason, it is time to launch new products in your store and make them known among your customers. But, do you know what you have to do to make this new collection meets all of your expectations and be a success? Today we tell you what you should do whenever you add a new product to your catalog in just 7 steps.

Step 1: Using your product

Prueba tu producto: ventajas e inconvenientesYes, Yes, what, use it. Within your means, the best way to know a product is using it. Just so you will be able to experience what the client feels When the article reaches his hands, when you remove the packing, when used for the first time. Using your product and if not convince you, change it. 

Step 2: Put it to the test

It is clear when you take a product or service for sale always you want to meet your customer's expectations and is the best on the market. But how can you be sure that is so?

The best thing you can do is to test a prototype of your product or, if possible, the product itself.

A good idea to give it to prove to your employees, and your family, why not, to your most loyal customers. If you offer them the product for free in Exchange for receiving your opinion will accept secure and you will be able to have a more realistic image of your items and correct errors before bring it to market.

organiza las actuaciones para promocionar tu productoStep 3: Plans to launch

Make a good launch and marketing plan It is, almost as important, as the quality of the product itself. You have to get all possible consumers to know all the details of your product: its characteristics, price, where and when will it be on sale... 

Therefore, it is essential that you carry out a study in which you establish which users will be interested in your products and What are the best channels of promotion accordingly. For example, if your potential customers are young people, is a great choice to use social networks to ask their opinion, create quizzes, etc.

Step 4: Pampers all your products alike

Sure that sometimes you're like a child with a new toy with the news of your store. It is normal. But remember that there are customers who are loyal to one of your products and don't care if it's from 2 seasons ago or makes 3. You have to pamper all your products alike, although during this time prestes a bit more of attention to new articles. Promote your new product, but don't forget your old glories Since thanks to them you are today to where you are.

Step 5: Get ready for all situations

If your product is not what customers expect and stays in your store is a big problem but, and what happens if it is a success of sales and sales overflow you yourself quickly running out of stock? Think of all of these factors and the different possibilities to tackle it because if it happens, it will be fast and you won't have much time to act.

saca a la venta tu nuevo producto y arriesgate para ganarStep 6: Start

And the great day came. Sure that you're not prepared, you think that everything can be improved and that you haven't done everything but breathe it! It is clear that the failure is a possibility, but without release nor will there be success so take off the negative thoughts in your head. Your product is already on sale and now all that you have is to promote it so that it reaches the maximum number of people.

Mide todos los resultados respecto a tu productoStep 7: Measuring outcomes

Did you think to get the product to market was the last step? Not really. It is true that hardest thing has already happened but now is the time to know the results. 

You have that periodically measure sales your article and assess whether it is fulfilling the expectations raised before the launch. Not enough to know if you are selling as expected, is also necessary to know if customers are satisfied with what you have bought. For this reason it is important that you ask them their opinion. Figures can be revealing but it will be even more words of your customers. Keep in mind their opinions and carries out their advice. At the end, and after they buy and that you find what you are looking for is the key to your success. In addition, their opinions are very valuable. If you manage to write a good critique in your store and recommend your product, you've managed to reach the goal successfully.

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