The day comes from the father: triumphs in your online store.

Approaching another important date on the calendar: father's day. In Spain, this festival is celebrated March 19 and, although there is still a month, is important tenarla into account already to start to organize all the actions of your store and avoid the grip of the last moment. Follow our advice and take advantage of this date to the maximum.
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 The day comes from the father: triumphs in your online store.

Just a few days ago that we were celebrating Valentine's day with shops full of hearts and love, and we have to look forward and mark another important date on the calendar. It is Spain, the celebration of the father's day It coincides with the festivity of San Jose and takes place March 19. Therefore, although it is one month and we see it relatively far away, it is important that we begin to think about how we are going to organize our shop and our campaigns to obtain maximum performance during these dates.

1 check your catalog and create new categories for Popes

Surely within your catalogue you have numerous articles, but what adapt more to be a father's day gift? The best option is that you create a exclusive catalog to this date with the products that may be of interest. A good choice, as well as organize your products by the obvious categories (clothing, technology, footwear, accessories...) is that you think categories according to the price of the products, i.e., gifts of up to €20, gifts of 20-50€, etc. You can also create other more fun categories as gifts for a dad athletes, gifts for a "geek", gifts for a funny Pope Pope... In this way the search you attachment to your users and give them ideas on what to buy.

2. you offer discounts for more "breakers"

Admit it, hard for us to decide to buy even if we can find the perfect gift. Although it is difficult to avoid the "grip" on the last day, you can minimize it by offering some discount risers buyers. You can offer, for example, free shipping to people who purchase prior to the 10th day, a discount of a %, or an extra detail as some kind of supplement, a special wrapper... That suits to your products or your customer's needs.

3 inform your customers of the special for that day campaign

There are very clueless people with these dates and they will thank you for that you remember them that special day. For this reason, it is important to send a newsletter your customers showing them all the products that you have available to them, the deals you offer, facilities that will benefit, etc. Remember to make special mention to your "Star" product and the advantages of buying from your store. It is also important that you share this information in social networks.

4 create a landing page or a special father's day banner

In addition to sending a newsletter and inform your customers in social networks, it is important that also reports the special for that day options to all who visit your store. Therefore, you can create one landing page or a banner and place it in a visible part of the home so that you do not pass unnoticed to anyone.


ofrece un embalaje especial para esta fecha

5.-offers diversI packaging designs and greeting cards

Your customers will appreciate that you give them the option to wrap your gift with a role that you like it and you can send a card with a special message. Remember that there will be people who have to send the packet directly to parents and will want to get the gift perfect although they do not have the option to check themselves before delivering it.


6 Add ticket gift and easy returns

For this reason, it is important that you give your customers the option of sending the order with a gift ticket. In this way, the father will not know the cost of the gift. In addition, it is important for you to provide as much as possible the process of return since, even if the gift is purchased with all the enthusiasm, is is not always correct.

7 keep the quality of your products and services

ALWAYS. It is very important that your customers feel that, even if during those days you have more sales, they receive their products with the same quality, customer service is as efficient as any other day, shipment of produce at the same time... He thinks if you fail a customer on a special day and, for example, your gift becomes defective or after the deadline, you've lost a client, and will be difficult to recover it.

8 eases the purchase at the last moment and express delivery

And not passed to who a special date despite having it in the head? Prevents your customers have to buy at the last minute something to dislike only because they have reminded later. The last days offers your customers a service of delivery express so that your gift arrives on time and don't have to worry about anything.

ofrece a tus clientes un servicio de envio rápido

As you can see it's very simple ideas but that will be very effective if they are conducted properly. Remember that this type of dates are very important to create customers loyal and satisfied, get along with a special person always is important.

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