The adventure of the ecommerce: steps for success

There are many people who in recent years have been launched into the adventure of online trading. And I say to embark on the adventure because, in many cases, not have taken into account that, on the internet, it is also necessary to establish a good business model to succeed. Although e-commerce is booming, having a clear idea of how your business and consider all possibilities in an essential requirement to achieve diferenteciarte of your competitors and obtain good results.
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The adventure of the ecommerce: steps for success

As Albert Einstein said one day: "Life is like the bike, it must be pedaling forward not to lose the balance".

Einstein: pedalear para no perder el equilibrio

If he lived today, this great relativistic theory would argue, no doubt: "The e-commerce is like the bike, it must be pedaling forward not to lose the balance"

Not enough to follow a strategy, is also necessary to work hard

Indeed, it would be painful after investing time and money in our online store, we fail the expected result, or much less, an acceptable result with regard to the objectives which, paradoxically, is not happening in more than 80% of the cases studied. And is that, whatever the State of our shop e-commerce (project, in development, test, or in actual production), we should strive to pedaling and pedaling without restraint, to achieve our goals Thanks to a clear, orderly and effective strategy. And still, keeping these 3 past conditions, the strategy itself does not imply results guaranteed without hard work at the same time.

In these cases, the most cost-effective, quick and helpful, is put in the hands of professionals who are experts in PrestaShop, even from the initial moment of our intention to create (and I say well: create, from the creative concept) our online shop. Sooner the better and... well from the beginning...

Debes estar presente en todas las fases de tu comercio

In this way, we avoid ask in a more or less near future: How to improve my store to increase sales?

From AlabazWeb Pro, we want to make you partakers of our extensive experience, both nationally and internationally. To do this, we raised over this post, concepts, questions, and solutions to improve our e-commerce from the base and above all, so our visitors will not leave empty-handed.

Training is essential to obtain good results

But we must also be aware that the owner of an e-commerce has a responsibility to train properly and do their homework before entering the vacuum. In this way, means, will explode and will benefit This wonderful channel full of new possibilities, but increasingly complex and specialized.

Learn to walk before you run... and learn from the hand of a person skilled in the art professional, that in addition to teaching you, guide you, is the difference between failure and success.

confia en profesionales que te ayuden a llegar al exito

The first step: define the business model

(Neg) (leisure) model:"resources"-oriented

The general idea is to determine how to generate income and benefits, how to get it, how to measure the results. An online shop is only part of the equation, so you must clear the other unknowns.

Panteate todas las posibilidades durante la creacion de tu modelo de negocio

You then asked a series of questions that you must answer in order to define what your business model:


  • Whether it will be my main (neg)leisure, that is my only source of income or, on the contrary, will be a neg(leisure) secondary, i.e. a leisure activity parallel to my current main source of income.

  • In part, determined by my investment capacity: of how much money I have? how much money need actually objectively?, investment will need in the future? How will I get it?

  • And in part, the amount of hours/day that I am willing to work on my e-commerce. It is not the same 12 hours a day 2... and I already notice: 12... better!

  • What will be: B2C, B2B, B2G, C2C, etc... (literally: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, business-to-government), i.e., what type of clients will be our aim?.

  • Therefore need to ask ourselves if needed staff or we can work alone. In case we need to hire other people, what should be their training? what cost will represent?

  • We must not forget that an e-commerce is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in the global scope, i.e. anywhere on the planet. Am I prepared for this potential?, I thought in a national and/or international business?, do domino languages?, are you interested to translate pages?, how atenderé or answer questions of an Australian customer, for example?

  • Do I have physical store or not? I want to promote products that already work me, or on the contrary, it would be desirable to boost stagnant products? I will put special prices to my products online?, I intend to sell the same products or I am inclined to new lines?

  • Do you should sell the? products what I'm imagining? Or those that demand and, therefore, I would buy my clients?

  • Methods of tracking. How will I measure indicators to correct them? For example, in amount of purchases, amounts, conversions, new customers...

  • Finally, keep in mind the concept "AMV" (minimum Viable audience): from the start, you should have very clear you will not generate benefits in 2 weeks or 2 months... Therefore a good beginning would be to devote the first 12 months on getting "audience", taking into account that this work never ends. That Yes, your initial effort will be rewarded amply.


dedica los primeros meses a conseguir audiencia

It answers all these questions and will be able to have a clear idea of how to be your business, the investment that you need to make, what differentiates you from your competition, what are your strengths and weaknesses...

Don't forget any of these points because it will depend on your business to be a success.

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