10 tips to succeed in the Black Friday

November 24 be held around the world the "Black Friday". There are many people who expect this day to begin to make your Christmas shopping and get bargains and big discounts. If you have an online store with prestashop leverages this date to boost your business by following our advice.
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10 tips to succeed in the Black Friday

In just five years the Black Friday It has been gaining unconditional fans in Spain are waiting with impatience to arrive the big day. This year the meeting will be the 24 November, although many establishments will use throughout the week to show their best deals.

Black Friday was born in the United States and is already known around the world

Although there are several theories to explain the birth of Black Friday, one of the most accepted claims that you emerged in Philadelphia in 1966, although not popular in other States until 1975. With this term was intended to describe the great collapse suffered by the roads the day after Thanksgiving.

Another alternative theory suggests that, at this time of the year, retailers went from being "outnumbered" red to be in 'number' black due to the increase in sales that occurred by the arrival of Christmas. These purchases would start just after Thanksgiving, reason why he was baptized this day like Black Friday.

In Spain Black Friday did not come up to the November 23, 2012When the Council of Ministers delegated the responsibility of deciding when they wanted to offer discounts in own merchants.

Follow our tips for squeezing in your PrestaShop store Black Friday

Sure that when you're planning a trip you can't think of leaving without checking the status of your car: lights, tires, oil... And it is normal, no one wants that vacation end up waiting for the crane in any ditch. Your store is the same and if you want to report the most during Black Friday is necessary to make a thorough check to be sure that is going to support "the journey".

Then let's go proposing some useful tips to avoid surprises and to obtain the best performance on this date as outstanding for the trades.

1 check your online store server resources

Check the server of your prestashop store resources


During the Black Friday the visits to your ecommerce multiply. That's great, but are you sure that you're prepared? It is very important that several days before you contact your hosting supplier to make sure that your store can support that peak of visits without falls no unpleasant surprises.

How you can know which requirements your hosting must meet to satisfy the needs of your store? Get a analysis WPO.  It is a study of your eCommerce to the level of technical needs the programming of the your server requirements to these needs and one optimization all the code, modules, calls to the server etc. In this way conococeras your store needs to make it as flexible as possible and the server can digest large number of queries unless they pull it down. Resumiendolo, this is an optimization for the loading speed of your website. This will also help in the SEO positioningIt will improve your bounce rate and increase the permanence on the web from your customers.

Moreover, he thinks that not any server is valid for your ecommerce and find the right can make the difference. We offer our AlabazWeb Pro specially developed for PrestaShop hosting service with which you will improve your upload speed without having to do much more. Of course we have several versions so you can choose which best suits your needs.


2 check your store stock and controls the availability of your products


check the stock of your products and check availability

It is essential to have stock of top-selling products from your store. For this reason it is very important that during the weeks prior you increase the production or purchase of these items. You think that they are dates where all traders acquire more quantity of products, so anticipate may be the key to not stay without that product so sued star.

It is also very important that you check all your store if you can take advantage of this day to give out products other seasons or are in liquidation. Also don't forget to check if you have stock of all the products available in your online store, especially if you have several stores and all depend on the same store. This can be a bit chaotic, but is required to show the actual availability of a product at all times. Use a stock Synchronizer You can be very helpful, since whenever you place an order at one of your stores that product in all other units will be deducted. The same return or when you purchase merchandise.

It is the case of the module AwSyncStock essential if you have several stores with the same products. With this module, you will save valuable time that you can devote to other more important aspects, and serve your customers.

3 prepare in advance an email marketing campaign

What does not communicate there. Although you have great deals and offer multiple benefits to your customers during the Black Friday of what it does if they don't know it? Therefore prepare in advance a good communication campaign.

In addition, it is essential to know what to say and what to do to get your message. For this reason, it is made a preliminary report with the objectives that you pretend to comply and the actions required to achieve them. He studied who is your target audience and what their needs are, in this way you can make offers that are really tempting.

When you have clear all this is the time of contact with your customers, and one of the methods more effective are, without doubt, the email marketing campaigns. Diversifying your audience and offer what you are looking for, by sending them an attractive email with content of interest.

create a marketing campaign to inform your clients about the black friday deals

If you think that to create email campaigns marketing effective and striking, it is necessary to have knowledge of graphic design

FICO, layout, html... are right to some extent. Now there are programs that will help you to create templates easily and without having to be a specialist in the subject. In the following link you can find some free templates that you can use in your campaign, and that with a few small tweaks, they can be adapted perfectly to your business:Free templates

Also you can get inspired watching really creative examples of some campaigns here

If you prefer an expert to design your emails because you don't have time, or simply prefer to have someone with experience, we can help you create a newsletter designed especially for you and your business. You can find out here. 

If you also want to do a more thorough analysis of your company and its needs and we believe a full campaign in the medium to long term we can also handle. We will carry out a prior analysis and we will work to achieve the best results. Inform you without any commitment here.

4 create a landing page specific to this day

Also known as landing page It's a page which a user reaches after clicking a link placed in one call to action from another website, a banner, a newsletter... The content tends to be a form where the customer leaves your data in Exchange for some sort of advantage as discounts, access to contents, etc. This attention is very effective in the case of Black Friday since the users are willing to give information if they can benefit from your interest in return. For this reason, large companies use this system. Here you can see some examples:



As you can see you can use this page to inform the client of the offers you are going to do, ask them to indicate you that discounts would like find, offer the option to subscribe to your newsletter to be informed... everything will depend of the goals you want to achieve. Here are some tips so you can see what steps you should follow to create a landing page perfect See more

If you need help designing your landing page or like us to help you locate it, preserved or anything else just contact us.

5 activates a pop-up indicating that Black Friday is coming

Keep informed your subscribers of offers, novelties, etc. is relatively easy because you have various forms of contact with them. But, what about those customers who visit your website from time to time or who arrive from a search engine? For these cases it is best activate a pop-up.

You can use this option to inform customers of offers you will be able to find in your ecommerce during Black Friday and offer you the option to follow you on social networks, Subscribe to your mailing list or register at your website to stay informed and not miss anything.

Below you can see some examples of designs that you can inspire. This is a popup of Fnac in France indicating the different discounts and time remaining until start offers:

popup fnac offers exclusive black friday

In this design the network also chose to add a countdown to promote its discounts. In addition, as you can see, includes various calls to action to suggest to the customer that visit your website, Subscribe to social networking sites, download the app or visit his blog:

paradores popup with exclusive offers black friday

Both are simple popup but that very well meet requirements which has this day.

Another interesting option is to modify the design of the pop up as it nears the daycreating curiosity in early designs for, go after, providing more information. Thus the customer will notice that the date is approaching and begin that feeling of impatience.

To make the process much more efficient also you can create various pop up for various products or categories of products or, even, for the different sections of the website. In this way you can adjust popup design to offer that is going to offer in each article. A simple method for adding pop up in PrestaShop is by using a module that provide you with this task. AlabazWeb Pro has developed the module AwPopUp with which you can create the designs you want, as it contains an html editor. If you prefer also you can enclose the design through an image or directly add code. You can also attach popup to the pages you need, so will be displayed just where your choice.

6 Add a countdown

In the home, in the pop-up, in the newsletter... the countdown in a great tactic for dates like this. Help the customer to remember exactly when it is day and generate some impatience, desire of the time. There are various applications that allow you to create a countdown custom which can then insert on your website, in an email, or where you need. Some of these applications are:


On this website you can personalise your account back by changing the color of the design, text, alignment... It also allows to create countdowns for both web and emails.

Inserts an account back in your website

Generated once the countdown just have to copy the code and add it where you want:

Inserts the url generated by counting down on your web

Another website where you can create your account back to your email marketing campaigns is motionmailapp

From here you can create watches with different languages, change the font, colors, choose if you want to display only the hour or the day...

steps to create an account with motionmail

Once saved the design, will be shown to the code that you add to your email so that the countdown is displayed. Also allows you to keep track of daily impressions and modify it if you need it:

Inserts the url generated on your website or email

As you can see, add an account back with this type of application is very simple. So feel free to use them for all your campaigns.

7. it improves your search engine and prevent 404 errors

use the suggested product form to prevent 404 errors

As it cannot be otherwise, that your customers find the product you are looking for in your store is essential. If they also do this quickly and easily, then you will have a customer satisfied. The opposite occurs when accessing a product from a search engine, you offer as a result a 404 error. This situation makes that customer leave, causing a bad image of your store and also affecting the SEO.

For this reason it is necessary also to, as we mentioned in the Council 2, review the stock of your products very well and confirm that you have stock of all products available. If you find that a product is sold out the first solution that comes to mind is to turn it off, but if a customer comes to our store from the url of that product you will encounter an error. To avoid this situation, you can use the module SuggestedProduct. With this module you get is that when the customer reaches the product page is reported that it is out of stock and will submit one alternative, a product of similar characteristics that yes there are stock.

SuggestedProduct will improve the customer experience, as you will see that you try to provide a solution. In addition will keep the positioning SEO your ecommerce because although out of print products and not accessible from your shop, if they will be indexed to allow access from the search engines, and with this module avoid broken links and you will improve the usability. This will be the result on the product page:

products suggested in the front office with suggestedproduct


If you do not want to use this solution and prefer to continue showing the error, the option is to take your design to promote the offers of the day and thus convince the customer that stays. If you want to see some examples of pages of 404 errors really creative that manage to get a smile of the customer do not miss this post: See more

If you want to improve the navigability of your PrestaShop you can add a powerful search engine that filter the results and offer customers the results really seeking. Depending on the amount of products and the minute that looking you can opt for the module of Selective search or by module MegaFilter.

But remember that the main thing is to have the ordered products, create categories and subcategories needed and associate all products. Only in this way you will manage to have an organized store and that the search engines can do their job properly.


8. Recalls the importance of social networks and take advantage of them

take advantage of social media to show your black friday deals

The social networks they are increasingly more present is our day to day and, therefore, the best thing you can do is team up with them to make known your offers, promotions and to reach your target audience. In addition, they are a tool of effective advertising, that allows you to segment users very well and offers good results for little money, provided that you know how to act.

Don't underestimate the power that have networks and monitors very well what publicwhat they publish ti and the image you project. The bad reviews are often the first to arrive and that most are viralizar, therefore, on days like Black Friday, can not neglect the attention you normally give your customers or lose quality in your services. You think that you a bad criticism may throwing overboard months of work.

If you decide to make advertising on social networks should keep in mind that there are many advantages, but also some disadvantages that you must take into account to avoid that pose a problem for your business. This article explains some keys that you must not forget: Read more

If you need help to create your campaigns or to manage your social networks, we can help you. It is important to know that the effectiveness of a campaign, more than the money you invest is know leverage that investment to get the best results. Here you can see some of the services that we can offer you. Learn.

wide returns until after Christmas


9 extends the return policy until after Christmas

Most people take advantage of the BlackFriday bids to begin with the holiday shopping. Therefore, if you want to get the best results it is recommended that you expand the period of return your goods until after Reyes. In this way customers will buy their gifts with the security that will return them if not to succeed.

You get to offer an extra more cautious clients buying gifts in advance.

10. keep the same quality as any other day

Make it a day of stress, many sales, many visits... is no excuse for neglecting your customers. On days like these when the customer appreciates even more a attentive and personalized treatment. Why during Black Friday, you can not neglect your customer service and, if necessary, strengthen it, do so. This day your store chat must remain active and the telephone lines available to resolve the concerns of your customers. In addition, you have to respond to emails as quickly as possible. All this will be that your customers can shop comfortably. In addition packages must be treated with the same care as any other day and processing time and shipping should not be higher than normal. Thinks that there will be customers who you purchase all year and deserve to be treated that have always had.


Follow all these tips to have your store to point the day of Black Friday and avoid that any unforeseen could scupper this great opportunity for your ecommerce success.

Do not hesitate to call us on 91 874 69 57 if you have any questions or if you want to perform any type of consultation and we will help you to find the best option for you.

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