Ecommerce continues to grow in Spain

Online trading continues its upward trend in Spain. In the third quarter of 2017 billing online in our country has overcome the 7,700 million euros, achieving a growth of 26.2% year on year. Sector with better data is, without a doubt, tourism. If you have a company related to this sector do not miss the numbers, they are on your side to achieve success.

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Ecommerce continues to grow in Spain

Ecommerce more than 7,700 million euros in Spain

The turnover of the trade online in our country continues with its tendency to rise, reaching more than the 7,700 million euros in the third quarter of 2017. This implies a 26.2% year on year growth, according to the latest data on e-commerce offering on their website the National Commission of the markets and the competition (CNMC). You can see it here.

Tourism remains the sector with more benefits in Spain

As it has already become usual, the sectors with the highest percentage of turnover have been the travel agencies and tour operators, with 15.6% of the total turnover; the air transport, with 9.9% and the clothing, in third place, with 5.1%.

the tourism sector with more revenue online in Spain

If we take into account the number of transactions, in the last quarter of 2017 have been registered 126 million transactions, up 29.6%. In this case, leads the ranking purchase of transportation tickets with 6.8%, followed closely by products such as discs, books, newspapers and stationery (6.7%). They occupy the third place the gambling and betting with a 5.8 per cent of total transactions.

the sale of transport tickets is the sector with more transactions online in Spain

Spanish shops get 55% of revenues from online trading

The ecommerces of Spain have been the 55.1% of revenues in the third quarter of 2017. The remaining 44.9% are shopping with origin in Spain but made to e-commerce websites abroad.

The transactions originating in Spain and directed to the outside have been 3,498 million euros, a 32.8% that in the third quarter of the previous year. The branches of activity with greater volume of business from Spain to the outside are the air transport at 10.7%, the clothing (6.3%) and the Hotels and similar accommodation (5.9%).

The air transport sector with greater turnover of Spain abroad

These sales have been a turnover of 1.316 million euros, up by 33.9% that in the third quarter of the previous year. In this case, the tourism sector continues winning the battle and obtains the 67.8% of purchases which are made in Spanish e-commerce websites from abroad.

In Spain the trend is maintained and the Tourismwith 34.9% of the total turnover continues to be the sector with better figuresfollowed by shows artistic, sports and recreational (6.3%), the public administration, taxes and social security (6.0%) and the clothing (4.4%). Revenues have increased a 16.5% year on year to achieve the 2.971 million euros.

All this confirms that the online trading has more and more acceptance in our countryespecially as we have seen, in the sector Tourism. If you have a hotel, a country house, sell bus, train tickets... and still don't allow reservations and purchases online you're missing an opportunity of gold, both inside and outside our borders.

Do not hesitate and get in touch with us, we can help you to assemble your web of reserves from scratch or adapt your own which comply with all the requirements necessary to sell your services online.

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