New Paypal security changes

PayPal has always stood out for being one of the safest online payment methods that exist. To continue to Excel in this sense, Paypal has decided to increase the levels of safety and move from the TLS 1.1 protocol to TLS 1.2. If you want to find out more don't miss this post.

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New Paypal security changes

Is it safe to pay with Paypal?

The month of June will take effect the new security measures required by the payment card industry (PCI). Is why PayPal, known as one of the more reliable payment methodsIt is beginning to carry out a series of tests to verify that the API complies with the latest standards of safety. If you have already made all necessary integrations in your shop with the new protocols do not have to worry about, but if this is not the case, it is possible that you have received a message like this:

We have carried out a round of tests to emulate the experience of updating security and accept only TLS 1.2 Protocol so that sellers can get to know the areas of integration that still need to be improved. Our records indicate that you has been affected by these safety tests for sellers. Therefore, you will have to upgrade PayPal integrations to TLS 1.2 before June 2018 to avoid more outages. For more information about the update to TLS1.2, see the web site upgrade to TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1. For more information about all security changes that we are going to begin to apply, visit the web site security roadmap for sellers 2017-2018.

If this is your case, do not worry, we're going to explain what means and the changes that you need to do to not see you affected by the New Paypal security policy.

What is the TLS?

The transport layer security (TLS) It is a version more up-to-date and secure what is known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and used to encrypt the data being transmitted on the internet using algorithms and thus protect the safety of users. Currently the latest version available is the TLS 1.2 and it is that required by Paypal to continue running.

How do I know if I meet the SSL/TLS protocols?

PayPal has created a platform where all users can check if their systems can support the latest security standards.

To do this you will have to access to

Yes everything is OK you will receive a response with the following text: "PayPal_Connection_OK"

When an error happens, several things can happen:

Https error

The page will return an HTTP 400 response with the following text:

ERROR! Connection is not HTTPS. Please use

Error http/1.1

The response will be as follows:

ERROR! Connection is using HTTP/1.0 protocol. Please use HTTP/1.1

TLS 1.2 error

TLS 1.2 (SHA-256): the code will generate a SSL connection error.

What I have to do to get Paypal keep running in my online shop?

The first step that you must carry out is to get in touch with your distributor of hosting. They are those who must implement TLS 1.2 Protocol on the server to maintain the safety of your customers. It is important to do it as soon as possible or payments via Paypal will stop working in your ecommerce from June and during the tests are doing at this time.

You should also verify that your Paypal module meets the requirements. If you work with our module, AWPaypalYou should not worry because it is already adapted to the new security systems but remember that it is always important to have installed the latest version available.

If your server is ready and you have installed the latest version of the Paypal module in your PrestaShop store do not have why worry, Paypal payment will continue to operate correctly and will not happen no problem.

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