Google tightens the screws on non-responsive web sites

To improve the results of Google searches on mobile devices, the giant search engine has launched a new strategy which will enter into force on April 21, 2015.
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Google tightens the screws on non-responsive web sites

As we all know, every day more people use their mobile devices to perform searches on the internet. The problem comes when the web page is not responsive with mobile devices, which means that its design is not suitable for all devices (mobile, tablet, pc, etc.),

Having a website with a design adaptable to different devices is a great advantage, since a single version with HTML and CSS would be covered all screen resolutions and the user experience is improved when browsing, since the page width fits to your screen resolution (as opposed to what happens with fixed-width pages).

For this reason, Google has decided that its next strategy will focus on rewarding those web pages whose design is responsive, making before appearing in search results. In this way they will get that devices other than computer users, will find before web pages responsive and that her experience is improved.


If your website doesn't have a suitable web design yet, don't risk to see you penalized by Google, you have one month to make this change...

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