Changes in orders between Prestashop and Grutinet

Grutinet has implemented a new service that allows sending of stock and the cost of the shipping in real time using Webservice.

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Changes in orders between Prestashop and Grutinet

Grutinet It is one of the Spanish companies of Dropshipping with more success.

Dropshipping is becoming for many in a great business opportunity. In this model a physical store with permanent stock is not necessary since the only thing that matters is the catalog of a supplier database. In this way, customer can purchase the product you need from your store and receive it at home by the same provider, in this case Grutinet.


As well, now Grutinet has implemented an improvement to your service that will facilitate the work of all persons having a store with your catalog. It is a service for sending stock and the cost of postage on real time by WebService.

This so that it serves? As well, thanks to this improvement, Grutinet confirm instantly the order.


In AlabazWeb Pro We have updated our automatic sending of orders to Grutinet moduleto operate according to the latest changes of Grutinet.


With this module you can automatically send orders to Grutinet when the changes in the status of orders and this State match which you have configured. 

And now, thanks to the implementation of Webservice, not only you can make the shipment of the product automatically, if not that also will get a response Grutinet when confirming if an order was successful or if, on the other hand, some error occurred. In this way you will save long since you know exactly the status of your orders and won't upload or reviewing endless files.


Make the most of your Grutinet store? Do not hesitate, AutoSendGrutinet is your module.

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