Practical solutions: reservation of a paddle tennis

Do you have a service company and don't know which module is best suited for you? You need your customers to select the day and time that will attend to your query? Do your items offer an infinity of options? Then secure OS Megaservices. Entering today's focus on the paddle reserve but this module adapts to any business that requires a reservation by the customer since it offers plenty of options.
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Practical solutions: reservation of a paddle tennis

If there is a sport that is fashionable at present is certainly the paddle. Therefore it is possible that you have thought that exploit this practice can give as a result a prosperous and successful business.


If you have a paddle courts and want to rent them from your online store to make them the most, the best option to configure all the options is undoubtedly Megaservices module.

Would you like your customer to choose the day and time of the reservation, whether or not they want the help of a monitor or if you need to rent the equipment or not? Do you need that the tracks are more expensive during the weekends or are not available for booking for a Championship? All this is possible with Megaservicios.


Megaservices is the most complete module for Prestashop services reservation




Forget about phone calls from which there is no record, roles that are lost or customers who forget your reservation because with Megaservicios you'll have full control of your business.

You can manage all the options from the administration of the module to enable or disable days (also you have the right to a vacation, right?), you can set different prices for days, dates, hours and combine attributes (add a monitor, the rental equipment, include access to the swimming pool... any option that you need).


It may also limit the number of available tracks (remove one if you are in work or occupied by a tournament, for example), view and manage reservations from a calendar and design the template that will receive the client with the information of your reservation.

In addition, there is also the option to indicate the minimum or maximum number of days for which you can booking and create schedules ranges (for example of one hour at a time so the customer can select when you want to play your game).


You can choose the design of your store, customise the calendar type, include descriptions, images, rename labels and configure the appearance of the attributes and their position in the window.


You will have the option to add personalization fields and make them mandatory (for example that the client has to add your name or your phone to confirm the reservation), create rules that modify the behavior of the product when you choose a certain configuration or import files to avoid having to set the same more than once (for example, if you have different tracks but the attributes are the same).


You need to see it to believe it, because here you have it: demo


You still have doubts about why you need this module? Then click here and discover all the advantages that you can offer.

And now we offer you a Manual with all the options of the module configuration so that you have doubts about how it works and you can configure it by yourself.


Do not hesitate and go off to trade online. It multiplies your presence, your customers and your profits!


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