Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced that starting from the month of January of the next year will leave without support nor updates security to your browser, Internet Explorer. If you are a user of this Web browser remains attentive to the news.
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Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer

Do you use Internet Explorer as your default browser? Then this post is aimed especially for you.

A few days ago met a surprising news: Microsoft announced the date of the end of its support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11.

And this involved? So that starting from the January 12, 2016  support and security updates will disappear from internet explorer.


Last April we saw as support for computers that were still using Window XP disappeared. This left thousands of unprotected people if they continued using that operating system. Now, the alert affects many people and comes early. From January the users of Internet Explorer, even in the more modern versions, will not count with the support of Microsoft.

Therefore, since the company advised all its users count in their browser with the latest of its software in the shortest time possible to enable sufficient permissions for its automatic updating with the latest updates and features.


Which brings us to think that Microsoft raises the convergence to a model of automatic updates latest and almost imperceptible, as you already use other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


This will mean the disappearance of this mythical browser? Because we do not know but it is very possible the number of users who use it to fall sharply.


During 2014 in Spain, we could see a slight slump in the number of users of Internet Explorer being Google Crome browser more used with nearly 60 percent market share.

Google browser stayed in December with 58,71% of Spanish users.

Mozilla Firefox started the year being used by 22.22% of Spanish users and close it down to 20.34% usage share.

Internet Explorer already lost part of its users over the past year. Specifically, it went from a 22.09% of market share to end the year with 14.17%.


Due to these changes, AlabazWeb Pro not we accept liability for how our modules in Internet Explorer to be displayed.


You can stay informed of all developments and details of this news in the following blog -

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