The blog, better inside or outside of my online shop?

If you have decided to create a blog to improve communication with your customers, talk about your products, you the news in your field of business... the next question is can I include it in my shop or genre a new domain? Today we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.
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The blog, better inside or outside of my online shop?

A few weeks ago we deal with the advantages and disadvantages that can be creating a blog for your business.

Thus, we discovered that this type of tool can be a double-edged weapon if you don't dedicate the time necessary to create quality post and get a good communication with your clients.

Today, we will return to this topic to discuss another important issue. Where do we locate our blog? We do it in our shop or separate it completely from it?

No option is better than another, you only have to find that best fits your business


In many aspects of marketing, there are different opinions about a fact and none of them have be better or worse, simply is a matter of finding which best suits your business needs. And, this case will not be the exception. Therefore, despite the advice from here we want to provide you, please always note what you want to achieve with your blog and the characteristics of your business to find the option that best suits you.


As we have already said in previous posts on this topic, if you don't have time for quality post or do so with a steady pace, perhaps not the best time to start this new project. Keep in mind that a blog is used to generate a good communication with your customers, provide a close image and show your effort, your desire and the quality of your products and your company. However, if your client access the blog and what it finds is a post from two years ago, which image are showing? Think about it, and if you're not really ready to start this journey, expected to find the right time.


To begin with, one of the major advantages of separating your store and your blog is simply that you can link between them. However, this option does not always work already that the search engines are much smarter than we think. While receiving external links is good to improve the positioning SEO, if these links come from the same address IP bit you will serve.

Also keep in mind that a single link was not going to serve much and if, in addition, the two project are new (Shop blog) Google will not have any reference about them, what not going to help.

Generate different domains also is doubling efforts

If you are a great expert in positioning and believe that you have all the necessary resources to achieve the top positions in search engines, later. You should keep in mind to generate two different domains, one for your shop and one for your blog, means in many cases doubling efforts. Therefore, integrating the blog into your store can cause you great advantages.

Why? Mainly because Google penalizes duplicate content, which should generate the information twice and in a different way for your two domains. However, if you integrated the blog within your store, each post will help you to improve the image that the search engine has about you, because everything belongs to the same domain.

As we have already said that they are general guidelines that can be adapted or not to your business, but from AlabazWeb we always try to offer the best option to make your company better day after day.

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