The truths and lies of e-commerce.

To have a stable business you have to work for a stable, consistent and effective, don't get duped by the myths of miraculous if you have a business that needs to maintain over time.
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The truths and lies of e-commerce.

To have a stable business you have to work for a stable, consistent and effective, don't get duped by the myths of miraculous if you have a business that needs to maintain over time.

I risk to say that a very high percentage of people who decide to set up a business online think that having an online business is easy to have a business, and, from my point of view, they have a wrong vision of reality, or at least not to be so radical, they are looking the situation from a wrong side of the Prism. My goal today in this post will be help on the side closest to the face look more real in the situation that you face.

There are many myths on the internet for years, myths as "If you ride you shop online, you hincharás you to sell without doing anything", "you can make money while you take a mojito in the Caribbean on vacation", etc.  There are many myths circulating on the internet, and this is not to say that there are no cases as well, I only say that you for a company or entrepreneur normal and current, we will how you and like me, these statements are too trivial or Ethereal.

The reality For more than one 95% of the entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who undertake online is well different.

How many times a day I hear the phrase, "... If well, I have a store with over 5000 or" 10000 products with title and photo "that x-bag program or provider, and I want that you positions me to sell more,... what will your company by me that you decide to contract your services". And my answer is always the same, as you said Matt Cutts, the director of the Department against spam in Google web "you don't have 5000 or 10000 products, have 5000 or 10000 crap". And it is no coincidence that Matt Cutts who say it, which is one of the people who knows best what is the formula for doing web spam (sites that duplicate content without rhyme nor are), but it also lets us glimpse behind these words something that seems to be precisely that on the internet we have forgotten do, and is neither more nor less than Pay attention to the customer.

E-commerce we have forgotten to customer care

Yes, Yes, you read correctly, SERVE THE CUSTOMER. That is what is done in a business, but seems now only Internet we know work for Google, "... is that Google says that there are put labels goals..." ".. .that Google says I have to put snipets on my products..." "... that look to see which title give you to products so that Google indexes I the word x..."  Everything is Google, Google and more Google and We have forgotten how important it is meet and listen to who feeds us: our customer or future customer.

Something as simple as teach or show customer how is your product with a description, with a video, etc. it seems that it has gone into the background. Well gentlemen, this is precisely what needs to be done.  WORK TO GIVE THE CUSTOMER WHAT YOU LOOKING FOR. And I have put it in uppercase considering it one of the truths that it seems that no one knows.1

Working your own content and you'll be working for your own benefit

If you really stop to think it is very logical that Matt Cutts said that "you have 5000 crap" that with a single title (sure that is equal to the of I don't know how many other online stores more, if we are talking about dropshipping for example), a brief description, and a photo of the same 50000 retailer, because me know how a client is going to decide that it wants to buy, and above all, since we think so in Google, how you think that it is going to position if there are other 50000 identical to you? impossible, right? and here we are back to another of the great truths of the online world, WORKING YOUR OWN CONTENT AND YOU'LL BE WORKING FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT.

Another point that today wanted to play in this post, is the subject of the time spent in a business online and its fruits.

You see, my eyes and ears pass daily amount of tickets, calls, emails, chat, and finally, a long list of reviews of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have set up their store and do not get benefit. The phrase is usually "... but is that my business is three months old and still I have no income to keep me!"  ".. .mi web does not sell my competition and Yes, and do not understand it!"  I understand perfectly these entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, better than you can imagine, but I think there is something in it that are wrong. On the one hand the hours that you spend to your clients and/or virtual store will be that over time makes you a profitable business, and I am going to explain a situation to which the get.

When someone decides to open a physical business, it is a feasibility study in which we study whether the project will be profitable or not. These studies take into account all kinds of variables: investments, depreciation, rentals, taxes, personnel, expenses, investments in product or materials to then sell, even discusses the balance point of a company from which it will be profitable over time and income that must be taken progressively to reach the break-even point and then to overcome it. As you will see, I think that when it comes to an online business, this work sentences is made, and therefore we demand that a business we benefit in its third month of life online, in a physical business not we have benefits at least in about three years.

All this to say, as in any other business, should be consistent and keep our feet on the ground. I know it is difficult, but nobody said it was easy!

At the beginning of this post, comment that we become obsessed with work for Google and not the client, obviously if you have to position in Google you have to follow their rules, but there is a rule that Google pursues and is very old and barely remember. My post today is, LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER AND DALE ALL WHAT NEEDS TI SO THAT I CAN FOLLOW YOU.

Do not invite you yourself to leave, facilities already have and will leave if not you offer him something interesting to stay.

Generates content for your website and move it, and you will see how you receive your reward.

1 *Obviously, this is not to say is the only way to get something on the internet, surely you know the SEO Black or White SEO, and these two aspects of seo are equally lawful one than the other, but from my point of view, need to know what type of business use, or at least until point to use them.

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