6 keys to your Prestashop store management

If you want to learn how to manage your Prestashop store, this post offers you a few important guidelines to follow that they will be the basis of your business.
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6 keys to your Prestashop store management


Like any other physical business, e-commerce also takes a time until benefit it. Therefore, the first thing we recommend is be patient.

It is logical that the concern of any person is to know the benefits provided by the business, but for that we need to give time to time.


1. any company in the sector that is, need a good management with its suppliers.

Something that we have to account for a good management of the business is primarily suppliers to meet a series of conditions that will bring us benefits at the time to serve our customers.

Aspects to take into account are:


  • Quality and good price.

  • Respect deadlines.

  • Ease when making payments.

  • Easy solution before any unforeseen.


2. the help desk, main base of our business.

Something vital and important is to answer any queries or order our client we can do as soon as possible, if we delay us in this response can you lose the customer.

We owe to them, therefore the constancy and speed that we can always provide them will be for our own benefit.

We have to provide a good service if at any time you have questions, there is a problem with the product shipped, etc. The rapid solution of any problem will be that that customer trust us.

3 usability to make simple purchases to our client.

If we work with customers from other countries, something essential would be to have the website in several languages to facilitate the prices in various currencies. Thus, anyone who can get to us, regardless of where, will feel comfortable browsing our site.

Something very important is also not ask for more information than necessary in the forms and facilitate payment methods as much as possible, to make the customer easy and comfortable to make the purchase.

It is often the case that when we are making a buy and make us many questions or is not easy to perform the procedure, at the end they just now leaving the website and looking for another, this means that we have lost a customer.

4 clearly show our products.

It is advisable to use good quality and good size photo to show as clear as possible to the customer the product that we sell. In this way customer will know exactly if that is what you want and will be convinced of your purchase.


5 shipments.

Find a good transport company to process and deliver orders of our customers is essential. The importance of this impact on the client and be able to receive your order in good condition and in stipulated time.

Also it is very important to realize that the company managed orders to the various countries in which we sell.


6. good SEO positioning.

To get good results in your store, it is very important to achieve a good SEO positioning.

Thanks to this positioning your company appear higher in search engines that get to stand out above your competitors and your customers will find you easily.

The more simple and easy is the way by which our potential customer comes to us, much better.

Here we have detailed some of the important points that will make the fruit of your business you've always dreamed of...

We remain at your disposal for anything that our company can do for you and your business, don't doubt that ALABAZ Web we have a highly qualified staff that can meet any of your needs.


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