Advantages of ecommerce versus traditional

If you have a physical store, make your own products or simeplemente you want to create your own company launch, sure that many times you wondered if it would be a good idea to start selling over the internet. In today's post, you have all the advantages that you can get from the online manufacturing.

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Advantages of ecommerce versus traditional

If you are thinking about starting to sell through the network you can not miss this post because we're going to show all its benefits, there are many. There are various options depending on each case:

-Wholesale dropshipping: requires no physical space or permanent stock, so the investment is minimal.

-Sale of own products: wholesalers or manufacturers that generate items and choose to sell them across the network.

-Broaden the expansion of a physical store: this is one of the most common options. They are entrepreneurs who have a shop and want to expand borders and start selling outside their city, without limits.

Low cost:

The cost to assemble your shop on the internet will vary according to whatever your case. What is true is that the cost of having an online store is much smaller than in a physical store.


If you opt for dropshipping cost will be minimal since it is enough to have a device either computer, tablet, internet access and take online shop. It is not necessary to hire local, personal...


If you have own products or have physical store, costs that you generate to begin selling online will not be many. You have to pitch your tent and adapt your design to your products or your image.


Dropshipping also offers another important advantage. As it is not necessary to have permanent stock or a warehouse, will be available to your customers a wide variety of products, as many as you offer your wholesaler.  


This is also important in the other two options, since online sales gives you a margin of time to manufacture your product or to achieve it, while if it there at the store, customer will not buy it at that time.

In addition, remember that these options have the advantage that are more personal, because if products are unique, the customer will go to you to get them. In addition, if you have a physical store with success, not you coming from scratch because you'll have a good clientele back.


Selling online we don't have to go anywhere, we have the advantage to be able to work from our home. Our clients, who can buy where they want and when they want to will also have this advantage.



World market:

With the internet, the sale of our products is not limited to a certain group of customers, since you can sell to many people in different countries of the world.

Easy accessibility:

Sell online offers our clients can see and buy our products 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This benefit is multiplied with the arrival of tablet and smartphones that allows you to consult a shop online from anywhere.


The sale over the internet gives us the option that the customer is informed of our products without wait, make the purchase without leaving home, not waiting queues and receive the product immediately (if it's a virtual product) or in short term if it is a physical product. All this selling and buying online is much faster than physically.




Thanks to the internet, we have the possibility of having a quick and easy communication with customers. We can offer you with information about us and our products quickly, wherever they are.

Through surveys, forums, we can receive clients who are satisfied with all our purchasing process and draw more customers buying us.

With all these advantages, you can sell online in an easy and economical way. But remember that the only thing that requires this type of business is time and interest so that things go well, so I know the patient and the results will come.

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