Reconcile and use via telework

SMEs also seek family conciliation and we talked in particular about how you can do through teleworking, increase conciliation and the employability of workers, explained through a real case, that of our company.
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Reconcile and use via telework

SMEs also strive to offer their employees a job that fits your life 

If a job is no easy task, get that this conforms to our lifestyle can become a challenge.

The study carried out by the International Institute of political sciences about the measures of conciliation in large companies, locatedtoRepsol, AGBAR and Vodafone as more companies invested in these policies.

But the family conciliation is not only a thing of major firms, also the small businesses They offer these benefits, being also a shoo-in by entities as it is proven that It increases the commitment and the tranquility of the employees.

Spanish companies as AlabazWebbenchmark in the development of online stores to measure, with headquarters in Losar de la Vera (Cáceres) and Tielmes (Madrid), would be a good example. Account with more than the 70% of its workforce, 16 workers, working from home. Of them, 80% reside in small villages scattered throughout the Spanish geography (Extremadura, Madrid, community Valencia, Canary Islands, Andalusia and Castilla - La Mancha).

An SME is that, through the Teleworkas well as provide stability work and personal, about the employment to municipalities which, by their size, have few job opportunities.

There are also other measures such as flexible hours, self-management and flexibility in the time and place of work, as well as wage marked by objectives, which facilitates their workers organize better personal life. 

Its Manager, Nohemi Hornero, indicates that "this type of work allows bringing employment opportunities to places with highest rates of unemployment"." In this sense also indicates that "to offer this mode of working professionals who do not reside in areas with high employability, are grateful, both for the opportunity as by allowing them to reconcile work and family life, look" has a direct impact on the company"." Us since we started eight years ago, work this way. Teleworking is now fairly accepted, but in our early days ever put us in trouble power not being entirely honest with our customers in this aspect ", said Director AlabazWeb Pro.

There are many the advantages offering to be able to work from home, both for workers and for companies. Ana Eva Mallresponsible for such study, indicates inter alia, greater involvement of workers, retail labor conflict, stress and absenteeism.

We hope that Spain will follow the same path than us and in short, we are comparing, in this sense, with companies such as Google.


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