Neuromarketing, the great unknown

Neuromarketing is a young discipline but of great importance in marketing today, since it is part of all purchase processes unconsciously...
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Neuromarketing, the great unknown

Many of us are aware of our breathing in every day? I'm sure that the answer will be similar to that you would if we asked who is aware that neuromarketing is implicit part of the buying process...


But you'll be wondering, What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a discipline of marketing so young and unknown how important and exciting. It has many components, but broadly speaking, we can sum it up in one mix between Neurology and marketing who studies how our brains react to different stimuli during the purchase process.


In the whole process of purchase internvienen different parts of the brain and different substances: the serotonin (that activates our impulsive behavior), systems of risk aversion (which send us negative messages to the thought of "not follow the standard") or the system of mirror neurons (that invite us to follow a behavior in herd, i.e. imitate what others do unconsciously,) etc.


But the really interesting in neuromarketing is how you can use these resources which the brain gives us with different strategies:

-How many times have seen the words "last days" or "latest drives" and we have become crazy to think that we could get without that beautiful jersey or that camera we both want? This strategy uses the risk-aversion, fear that we feel at the thought that if we don't buy it now we will be risking to end that good or service that you want to purchase.

-On the herd effect can say that everyone you prefer to buy in a store that looks more people, since we perceive this as a generalized acceptance of that store. On the contrary, an empty store throws us a negative message, while the quality, prices, etc., can be the same.

-Also meeting the "traditional" strategies such as: the psychological pricingi.e. do not use round prices but prices finished, for example, in 9; put music which incites to purchase (a very common resource also in e-commerce); failure to sight the most basic products or the olfactory marketing (that in the e-commerce used associating products with odors through descriptions, for example).

There are many experiments that have been made in this field, testing each time that the brain processes are an essential part in the buying process.

For this reason, I encourage you to research on the subject and to introduce this discipline in your business.

And, of course, if you have an online store, you don't test all these techniques, since you can reach deep into the brain of your client through the perfect combination of colors, appealing images or with a description that makes you feel that you are touching, smelling or tasting product that is on the verge of acquiring.

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