Improve speed of load (audit WPO)


It reduces the loading time of your PrestaShop and improves traffic, conversions, the performance and the position of your website in the search engines.

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Your site is rather slow and would like to reduce their load times? Because you are making a great choice because you have an optimized web it will bring great benefits for you. If you don't know if your site needs to increase its speed of response, we can audit WPO (Web Performance Optimization, optimizing web performance) of your site to find out if the slow depends on server, images, modules... More information here. When we know where to act we will begin our work so you can have a web more effective daily.

But, what about the WPO?

The WPO (Web Performance Optimization), or what is the same thing the web performance optimization, is in charge of improve the performance both server-level website as user. Web sites faster, lighter and more effective are achieved this way.

To know the performance of your website and what you can change to improve the response time, it is necessary to make a audit of WPO. This report is based on the analysis of the load time of the site from different locations, browsers etc to take into account all the possible and similar to the real environment variables. From these data produces a guide with recommendations about what to do to improve the performance of the web and reduce the load on the server. In this way, moreover, you will manage to optimize your resources and best results.

The loading speed of your website can determine the success of your business

When customer accesses your web waiting showing your home virtually instantly. If you have to wait several seconds it is likely be despair and goes away. It is possible to think that a couple of more seconds are not going to make a big difference, but you're wrong, that small moment can be the key to convert a rebound into a loyal customer. In addition, the speed of your web also affects the time that a user spends on your site. If the customer has to wait and wait, consult less pages, they will go before and the conversion rate will be reduced considerably.

Why is the web speed so important?

If you is not enough to know that your customers will leave if your site is not optimized, there are other reasons to wait no longer to improve your WPO.

  • Improve the image that Google has about you: This great search engine likes effective websites and optimize, for this reason, if you reduce your site loading time, Google will take it into account to reward yourself:


  1. SEO positioning: I am sure that you would like to occupy the top positions in the Google result pages. As if your website is slow you going to have really difficult, because the search engine has in mind this factor when it comes to giving privilegiata to your website. In addition, there is a basic question, if you website is optimized Google can index more pages in less time and your organic SEO will improve, even without making any SEO strategy. If you want to take advantage of this advantage and promote it, we can help you manage the natural positioning of your website. Find out more.
  1. SEM positioning: If you also decide to invest some money in positioning of payment, having an optimized website will help you to save. This is due to the fact that Google uses the Quality Score for Adwords to calculate the cost per click, CPC, you will have to pay depending on the quality of the ads. How will improve the quality of an ad? It is clear, reducing your load time.


  • Web traffic: If your web is higher up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) your web traffic it will go up, and this will result in an increase in your conversion rate. If one hundred customers and are longer, it is easier to sell if only arrives one and just holds some seconds in your ecommerce.
  • Server: Another great benefit that will bring you the WPO is that you reduce the data transfer and therefore optimize the performance of your server and make a better use of your resources.

How can I improve the speed of the web?

The loading speed of a site is determined by various factors.

  • You have not chosen the hosting right for your business. Each company has needs and choose the server which can give you the best results. Alabaz has a specially created for PrestaShop hosting service and we can advise you on your needs.
  • The images are not optimized: If you have many photos on your site and not you've optimized them, they are very large, or even print images that should be deleted are, you will greatly slow down your website. To automate the management of this type of files and compress them without losing quality, you can see all the options offered by AwimagesTool.
  • You have many modules installed: You've been installing modules and more and now you use only half, but they are there. Too bad, everything you do not use is occupying precious space on your server and reducing the effectiveness of your website.
  • Improve the code and CSS pages: This, although they are more technical issues, you will report large benefits. These are improvements that are based in compress code, establish when certain files must be loaded or reduce the number of requests to the server.

There are many actions that can be performed to improve the optimization of your website. If you don't know where to start and want us to take care of finding the best way to improve the loading speed of your website only, you have to get in touch with us. Our experts will know to give you those seconds that will help you make a difference.