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We design and manage your advertising campaigns on social networking site LinkedIn for professional public in any sector

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LinkedIn, the social network of professionals

Over the past years, LinkedIn It has become the most widely used social network for professionals and companies all kinds of sectors. This characteristic LinkedIn makes a unique platform for the Business B2B (business to business), where it is possible to create productive relationships, generate content and even carry out advertising campaigns aimed at a very specific audience.

LinkedIn Ads learn and create ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads is an advertising tool to create ads on the LinkedIn social network. The main advantage of LinkedIn to other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter is that you can direct the campaign especially to a professional public. You can determine that your ads are targeted to different professional profiles as photographers, editors, graphic designers, or any other sector.

LinkedIn allows you to create two types of ads based on the type of campaign that you want to create:

  • Regular announcements: This type of advertising on LinkedIn is recommended to create direct campaigns which pretend to get the user to buy or hire your services. The ad appears in the upper-right corner of the page and helps generate traffic.
  • Sponsored post: They are more indirect campaigns but also less intrusive to users, as shown in the timeline itself. To obtain good results, it is necessary to create interest with information relevant to the public. The advantage of this type of advertising is that it allows to increase the reach of your publications, managing to reach more people and getting more useful followers.

Knowing all this it is clear that if you want to show your brand, products and services to professionals in any sector, creating campaigns segmented and useful, no doubt, your ideal channel is LinkedIn. AlabazWeb Pro we have marketing experts who can advise you and guide you in the creation and management of your advertising campaign in this social network of professionals to achieve your objectives and results expected in your online store. Wait no more and contact us to learn more about the great options offered by social networks offer to your business.