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We create and manage your advertising campaigns tailored Facebook Ads to attract your potential audience and maximum performance.

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Increasingly, Facebook users. In fact, it is rare to find someone who does not have a profile on the social network, but how to make advertising on Facebook? do you know the tool necessary to create these campaigns? are they really effective?

Facebook Ads, tool to create ads on Facebook

Facebook Ads It is the platform or system that uses Facebook for all advertising campaigns within these social networks. Create ads in these two "super platforms" can lead to significant benefits for any company, brand, business... because it is possible to achieve a lot of visibility due to the large number of users who have a profile created in both networks.

Advantages of advertising with Facebook Ads

Advertising campaigns on Facebook are reaching more and more popularity, especially among small businesses that come into this giant the opportunity to easily and inexpensively to your potential audience. Below we will list some of the main advantages of Facebook Ads.

  • 1. as we have already said, the main advantage of the social network is the impressive (and growing) number of users, of all ages, tastes and interests... Currently Facebook has with more than 1 billion active profiles willing to "like" your page.
  • 2. the second great advantage is the pricewhich makes that more and more SMEs planteén the creation of these campaigns. With Facebook Ads, you will be able increase traffic your PrestaShop store and observe the conversion that you get from your investment.
  • 3 Facebook allows the segmentation to be able to choose who you want to see your ad. Remember that we indicate many personal data in our profiles: age, sex, city, civil status, political orientation, likes, hobbies... which in this case will serve to identify your potential audience.
  • 4 you can measure the your campaign performance automatically as Facebook Ads provide information about your listings. This way you can identify what content work, what attracts your audience and know its effectiveness to enhance ones and discarding others. In addition, Facebook allows create as many campaigns as you like, with spending that we want, and stop them when you need, so there will be no problem to remove the ad that is not bringing the expected results and begin again.

How to set the price of an advertising campaign on Facebook?

To establish the cost of posting an ad on Facebook, there are two systems:

    • -CPC or cost per click: It is subtracted from your account balance when users click on your ads.
    • -Cost CPM by 1000: Subtract your account balance when your ad is displayed 1000 times.

The price of each click or impression is established through a combined system of bids and ad (similar to the operation of Google Adwords) efficiency. Basically, if the users are interested in your ad and displayed it, will be shown more times than another that is paying the same CPC.

If you want to achieve effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and other social networks do not hesitate to contact us and we'll create a campaign tailored to your business and for your potential audience. Find out more.