Contingency plan


Do you know how to act in unforeseen cases? To know respond quickly and avoid losses, it is necessary to be prepared. We help you create your contingency plan

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The best way to avoid a disaster is to be prevented and be prepared. This is true in all aspects and life and, of course, in business it is no different. How to act at a delicate time depends not only be operative but also of have foreseen this possible inconvenience and have clear guidelines to follow to resolve it. And that is the reason why you should have a contingency plan for your company.

What is a contingency plan?

A contingency in a situation or an unexpected event that can affect the image of your company, market share or the economy. We usually associate with a negative contingency, but why does not. It may be a contingency that your sales to increase more than expected and do not have sufficient raw or you need to urgently recruit more personnel.

A contingency plan picks up the circumstances that can affect a company and establishes alternative procedures to be carried out for the normal operation, avoiding the most possible damage.

A contingency plan should suggest unexpected and propose effective solutions

All emergency plan must be set:

  1. Establish contingencies. Indicate the impact of the problem.
  2. Point out possible actions and tools to use against the unforeseen.
  3. To quantify the possible economic damage.
  4. Write down any other effect that can have this event.

Does kind of unforeseen collect the contingency of a business plan?

Depending on the nature of a company, it will face one or the other contingencies. But there are certain recurring aspects that are common to all businesses.

  • The a crisis management: A crisis can trigger in any way. A disgruntled employee, an angry customer, a natural disaster... The best way to deal with this situation is providing a rapid response to prevent that our reputation is affected. Need a manual of online reputation? We can help you.
  • Human errors: Human failings are very difficult to avoid, but this is not an excuse to not be prepared.
  • Security flaws: Take measures to protect your computer system, avoid plagiarism, production loss or breakage of machinery... Having a policy of insurance and confidentiality clauses of will help keep your company safe.
  • Business management: What happens if one of your important employees gets sick or if you can not go to work? Establish who is responsible for what in each situation will prevent errors.

From AlabazWeb Pro team will help provide for the setbacks that your company may face and how to tackle them. Improvisation, in business, is not a good idea.