Usability audit


We analyze your web and grade a report with all the aspects that you can modify to improve your user experience and to achieve a simple and effective web

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Do you know if your website is easy to use? If your customers have doubts on how complete a purchase? If you find easily products seeking? If you are not sure if your ecommerce is usable, we can make a report so that you know what to change to improve the user experience and increase your conversion rate.

Usability refers to the relationship between your website and the users who visit it

The term usabilitythat comes from the English usabilityIt has gained in popularity in recent years with regard to the web world. Each time is more important that a Web site is clear, concise, simple, where the steps are obvious and where anyone can find what you looking for and perform the actions that you want in the shortest possible time and without losses. If unable to achieve that experience positive on your site, users will leave.

A positive user experience creates recurring customers

The importance of usability of makes even more evident if we speak of online stores. Because if a person is unable to complete a purchase, you've not only lost that request, but it is also likely that that customer again. In addition, having a simple web will do that Save time and money claims, help and support customer service and reduce your website bounce rate. You will manage your customers are satisfied and will be comfortable and secure shopping at your store, which will make your conversion rate to increase.

If you want to improve the usability of your website but you don't know what actions you must perform, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will create a detailed report for you, with the current status of your website and all the actions that you can take to improve the relationship with the users.