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We perform an SEO analysis of your website and create a report so that you know which aspects must improve to climb positions in Google

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We all know the importance of appearing at the top of Google. But, how to get it? Not enough to write thinking of keywords, there to take many things into account. Not duplicate content, have a security certificate, improve the speed of loading... If you don't clear where is your business and how to improve We can help you.

We create a SEO report for your shop to improve your SEO

The difference between appearing on the first page of results on Google or in the second can make the difference between success and failure of your prestashop store. If you don't know how to improve the position of your business in the search engines we can help you create a report of the State in which is situated the SEO of your website, both internally (SEO On Site) and external (SEO Off-Page).

Will do a full study where we'll discuss all factors affecting your storeevaluating the performances of your direct competition and your position against them, and studying the attitude of your target audience. In this way, when you receive our report will be easier to start to take action and get favorable results.

We'll discuss related actions that will position you at the top

With our report, you will also know that other actions related to the SEO must take into account to improve the image that Google has about you, such as the usability of your store online, the WPO, have active https security protocol... Taking into account these actions will improve the position of your website in the search engine results pages and in addition:

    • -Improve the image of your brand. 
    • -You'll make your online store to be more visible.
    • -Increase your web traffic.
    • -Upload the conversion rate and sales.

And if you know the State of your PrestaShop and what you want is to pass to the action don't worry, because we can also take care of creating your SEO strategy with which will be able to increase the visibility of your site. Find out here:

Don't miss the opportunity and beginning to work to improve the image that Google has about you. You will notice the difference.