Audit of functions in PrestaShop


We analyze your PrestaShop store and prepare a report with modules and necessary upgrades to increase functionality

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Sure you know very well how to sell your product in your physical store and the treatment that you should keep with your clients, but you should be like the process in your ecommerce so clear? ¿It meets your online shop with necessary capabilities? If you don't clear the necessary modules to your PrestaShop or how to get the options that your business requires, we can handle.

Which modules need to increase the functionality of your PrestaShop?

Are you thinking of buying new modules for your website? Hold on! Before installing any module in your PrestaShop stand and think, what benefits I will contribute?, is it really necessary to improve the functioning of my ecommerce? If it is not, leave it, even if say you that it works very well is free, install modules that are not only necessary will make your store more slow and complex without offering anything in return.

If you don't know what you need, we can prepare a report in which we analyze your needs and assess which modules will bring real benefits to you How to improve the usability, SEO, the WPO positioning...

We improve and develop custom modules to meet your ecommerce needs

You need a very specific functionality and can not find a module that meets it? That is not a problem because Web Alabaz Pro has a team of expert developers who, using all the options of PrestaShop, will create a custom module your needs or add new options to the modules that we already have in our catalogue.

Wait no longer. Call us and we will begin to work in your PrestaShop needs to get the most out of your investment and get an effective, simple and useful for your customers shop.