Women stand out in the electronic commerce

E-commerce has become a sector in which more women occupy important positions. This is motivated, largely by the work-life balance policies and family and telework, allowing women better manage their journey and be able to spend more time with his family. This is the case of AlabazWeb Pro and our CEO, Nohemi Hornero, tells us how he began his career in e-commerce and the difficulties they had to overcome.
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Women stand out in the electronic commerce

How did the international women's day?

women's day serves to recognize the equality and fighting for the rights of women.

The March 8 held the International women's day. This date is used to recognize the equality and fighting for the rights of women.

Throughout history we find references of women who have decided to stand up and fight. In the ancient Greece, Lysistrata decided to start a sexual strike against men to demand the end of the war. Another case happened during the French Revolution, when a large group of women marched to Versailles calling for "freedom, equality and fraternity" However, it was not until the 20th century when held for the first time the national women's day organized by the Socialist women in honor of the strike of the textile workers of 1908 in which he protested the harsh working conditions. Finally, was in 1910 at the II International Conference of socialist women having met in Copenhagen when it proclaimed on 8 March as international women's day.

Despite this fight are many women still suffering abuse, violence, indifference, rejection... And not only in the third world.

In Spain women charged in half a 30% less the men, the unemployment rate stands at the 18.35% versus the 14.97% of the male rate, and many that work, will have to settle for precarious contracts.

Women lead the ecommerce in Spain

But hope remains. There is a sector that is led by women and where have opened up a significant gap. And this is none other than e-commerce. The data speak for themselves, the 12% of the CEO in this sector are women (7% more than in the other sectors), of which the 21% they work as Directors on functions and a 67% as Executive.

12% of the CEOs in ecommerce are women

These companies led by women are betting heavily on online sales. Of these, about the 93% use your own web page to carry out the sales of your business; a 33% for sales through applications for Tablets and Smartphones; a 18% uses external platforms selling online like Amazon and a 29% also features with physical sales in store.

Teleworking enables to reconciling work and personal life

teleworking enables women to reconcile their work and personal life

These data are motivated mainly by the labor policy technology companies and ecommerce where opting to integrate the work-family life balance. Of the companies surveyed, 74% claim that they allow their employees have flexible schedules, adapted to your personal needs. In addition, 44% use as usual working mode the Telework This allows many women reconcile their family work with the labor.


In our company more than 75% of employees work directly from home and 50% of the workforce are women. In addition our CEO, Nohemi Hornero, He combines his work in company with her role of mother for years. Here he tells us how he began his career in e-commerce and the difficulties he encountered when he decided to undertake.


My journey in the ecommerce began after a bad experience and in crisis, when I decided to run my own business. This first company emerged which today is AlabazWeb back in 2007.

And the truth is that Alabaz was born at the request of the people because I neither had raised it me. Usually answered queries of acquaintances who asked me how he had to do this or that in my online shop, and a time in which these questions occupied almost 50% of my day to day.

When I decided to undertake found no difficulties to undertake to be female, on the contrary, at this time social policies focused much towards women as a business or at least entrepreneurial entity. My problems by being a woman arrived when I decided to be a mother. At this time it really saw society, and above all the administrations, are governed by laws and regulations that are breathtakingly sexist.

I think that it is at this point where women are more vulnerable and where we are helpless. Oblige us to take us minimum 20 days off and the men, but they want, often cannot have a week to be with his son. Why isn't the father who stays home during the first months of the baby's life? Why is it frowned upon to want women, after giving birth, soon joining its working life? We are working in this sense, allowing you to divide the time between both parents and others, but There is still much to do because it always tends to be women that puts his family to his professional career.

We can highlight in many things and in many sectors, but it is true that online trading allows us to reconcile more than any other. However, I think that this issue is not for the sector itself but for the profile of those who manage this type of business, which normally have profiles very youth, more open to these changes.

In addition the Telework also helps. My It allowed me to hire the best candidates for the posts of my company, I didn't have to settle for a radius of 30 km radius of where the company was located. In addition my my employees gives us first time and less cost. And secondly I have greater power of reconciliation because it could not reconcile if it didn't have those "extra hours".

The truth is that I recommend it to other companies. With technology that exist today telecommuting is completely viable for any company. It is true that there are works that are face to face, but I think if 100% will not be possible to start by 50%. Both firms and employees would have greater benefits and this results in a better working environment and productivity, which is the part that interests a businessman at the end and at the end.


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I report - eCommerce made by Women AT professional women and available at: https://staticz.womenalia.com/images/archivos/language/es-ES/multimedia/pdf/Primer_Informe_Mujer_Ecommerce.pdf

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