How to resolve issues in your online store

Discover how to solve an incident that affects one or several customers of your store in a fast and effective way. It manages to reinforce the image of your company's brand correctly managing the problems. Here are 5 essential benchmarks for this.
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How to resolve issues in your online store

Sure that you have already encountered with different incidences in the relationship between your online store and your customers. And you've realized, that a complaints or bad comments about your store generated quickly and to the achievement of the incidence immediately.

This is because that when a customer is cheated or affected are predisposes instantly to make visible their discomfort in order to find a quick and effective solution. It is something that actually happens to the vast majority.

As in any other sector, e-commerce also produced incidents directly affecting one or several customers. Our mission as managers of this web is to solve this problem in the shortest possible time, getting that customer not to lose confidence in our shop, and think of us for a future purchase.

Although it may seem somewhat complex, already to the wide range of online makes customers more demanding and suspicious, It's possible. Today I will give you some keys so that you can manage any incident of a fast and effective way.

1 listen to the customer and identify the problem


Escuchar el problema del usuario afectado por una incidenciaThe first thing we must do is talk to our customer directly, either by phone or by e-mail. The first option is more appropriate since the call we communicate directly and avoid part of the misunderstandings that arise in an email, by not having the intonation of the text.

When to contact the affected customer We will have to be open and listen to their opinion and problem in full, thus can perfectly know what part of the process has failed. It is essential that we show empathy and interest by the problem.

At this time, we will have to identify if the problem is our responsibility or not. In any case, must show a positive attitude and offer alternatives to the affected user.

2 provide channels of contact

It is advisable to provide in our shop in a simple way contact detailsso that the customer can find us easily. The integration of a chat in our shop is also an important pointalready that by means it can manage incidents immediately without losing customer"nerves".

A problem taken care of now, customer valued positively, which benefits us greatly.

Contact details must be visible on the web, at least one phone and an email address must be at the foot of the page or header. It is also advisable to include CMS related to the process of purchase, returns, shipping and similar.

3 address the incidence and keep the customer informedTiempo en resolver una incidencia de forma eficaz

If the problem can be solved immediately, do not waste time. First of all sorry the incidence and inform the customer that there is no problem that this will be resolved in the time and you don't have to worry.

In the event that the problem requires a time, explain it to customer in detail. He is involved and should be aware of the reason for the problem. Then tell the alternatives or solutions and assure you that you will keep you informed throughout the process. And of course don't forget to apologize.

4 informs the customer always the evolution of the problem

After registering the incidence, it is essential that we should control it. For this reason we recommend that you use a specific email (For example: to deal with this kind of problem or a software developed to measure this.

During the time in which the incidence is resolved You must keep the customer informed whether you have new information or otherwise. Since if you do not receive information in 7 days, and during that time no write to the customer, this will think that its incidence has forgotten and will increase your discomfort.

By what you remember, write your client regularly.

5. appreciates your understanding


Agradecer la confianza y comprensión del usuarioOnce eliminated the incidence is essential to get back in touch with the given user and apologize on behalf of the company and you appreciate your understanding.

You need to be especially pleasant and attentive / to. Don't try to justify a problem, you should simply recognize the fault and tell you Richman to improve.

To thank the comprehension of the affected, It is recommended that you compenses you in some way. For example, you could pay shipping costs (if the problem is due to do so) and offer you a discount on the next purchase, an additional gift...

Depending on the possibilities of your store, as well as the dimension of the incidence you can consider, in addition to the above, send a small gift or detail thanking them for their trust.

Any incident, regardless of the situation, can be resolved positively reinforcing our brand against the client, when it feels heard and treated in a correct and fair.

So don't forget empathy, Ponte instead of the affected person and think how would you like that they treated you to an incident. With this basic premise, I am sure that you can deal with any problem in a satisfactory manner.

And of course, learn. Each incidence will help you to grow as a company.

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